Rawk-a-saurus is the best compilation album that you never heard, because it’s totally imaginary.

Over the last year or so I’ve had the opportunity to watch and photograph a heap of great bands and I thought it might be time to bring some of those images together with the rad music they make.  Just to be really clear; I don’t own the rights to any of this music and this compilation album doesn’t really exist, but wouldn’t it be rad if it did!

Part 2 of this imaginary compilation album brings together some of Melbourne’s finest examples of Hardcore, Stoner Rock and Punk fun.

Lion FightTRACK 5: Lion Fight – I’ll Rise

Melbourne’s Lion Fight brings together a group of veterans of Melbourne’s hardcore scene and offers up dual vocalists shredding out melodic hardcore reminiscent of the New York Hardcore scene.

Zombie Motors Wrecking YardTRACK 6: Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard – Fight, Fight, Fight

Take one Harley Shovelhead rat bike (or 12), add a good measure of tattoos and hair, mix vigourously with a generous addition of slow, heavy, slide riffs and you have Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard.


SFCTRACK 7: Strawberry Fist Cake – Kodama Jetboy has a big Cock (but it’s an inside cock)

Dancing on the bar, random audience members pulled on to stage to play and a horn playing viking… It must be Strawberry Fist Cake!  The Fist Cakers offer up a fun mix of punk fun with songs about drinking, bacon, drinking and well drinking.

Agent 37TRACK 8: Agent 37 – Liam Neeson

Agent 37, originally from Ballarat dazzle with their Ramonesesque (yeah I just invented a word) like pop punk.  Their ode to Liam Neeson is extra special.

Okay thats it for the 2nd part of the Rawk – a – saurus Compilation Album posts.  Stay tuned for parts three and four, and remember to support your local bands by purchasing one of their tracks or albums.