Some changes are coming to Sub v2.0

Luke, Cabin Fever, Punks 4 West Papua Benefit Show

It’s been a very busy month!  In the last few weeks I’ve photographed the Whisk and Key Records 2nd Birthday and the Melbourne Punks 4 West Papua Benefit shows.  I’ve also done a promo shoot for Melbourne based hardcore/punk crossover band NMA and helped out on the Jay Wars and Howard Youth video.  All in all, it been a busy and very fun time.

Em, Pitt The Elder, Whisk & Key Records 2nd Birthday Party

I’ve been capturing and collecting photographs of live music for a couple of years now and I’ve kept everything that I’ve shot over that time.  The result is that I’ve got no more room on any of my hard drives (and I’m quickly running out of room on the website, but that’s a story for another day).

NMA Promo Shoot

I’m a hoarder by nature, however I’ve reached the decision that I need to undertake a massive clean out.  This means that I will be taking a month or so off shooting live music while I sort through thousands of photo and video files and erase many of them to make further space.  (Before anyone panics, I’m not removing any of the images from the website, just the hard drives.)

Joe Guiton, Whisk & Key Records 2nd Birthday Party

Before I start erasing files from the hard drives, I wanted to gauge interest from any bands who would like to purchase prints of themselves in action.  I haven’t sorted prices or formats (e.g. print sizes, canvas, paper format etc.) yet, but if you are interested, use the contact form below to indicate your interest and I will contact you to discuss on a case by case basis.*

Behind the scenes, Jay wars and The Howard Youth Video Shoot
Behind the scenes, Jay Wars and The Howard Youth Video Shoot

The money raised from these sales will go towards expanding Sub v2.0’s data storage and help support the website.

*(I will not be selling your images to third parties, therefore this offer is only open to band members themselves or an appropriate agent on behalf of the band.)

Once you’ve completed the form I will email you back to discuss pricing etc.