Passion 4 Punk Book Project – September Update

A few weeks back I announced that I had commenced work on a photo book of live punk performances in Melbourne, 2013-2015 to raise money for mental health/suicide charities.  I thought it might be time to give a bit of an update on progress on the book.

After hours of pouring through images collected over the last couple of years I’ve managed to select and re-edit photos of about 20 Melbourne bands and I will be continuing to sort through old images (and continue to collect more at shows) between now and the Nevermind the Warp’d Tour Festival in December.

As I select possible photos I’m depositing them in a private website which will be opened up to a small group of people who I’ll be asking for an objective critique, to help me shortlist photos (I have way too much content!!!).

Once that process is complete I’ll be sending out messages to the bands/individuals that have been shortlisted for inclusion in the book with a web address and password so that they can review any photos of themselves and provide consent if they are happy to have the photos included. Once that has been done I’ll begin work on the final layout for the book.

I have to say the small number of bands that I’ve been able to talk to about involvement in this project so far have been overwhelmingly supportive.  Thanks guys!

At this point I’m thinking the book will be released in January/February 2016 and I’m hoping that with a fair whack of assistance, that we can throw together a launch party to coincide with the release of the book.


Matt, Sub v2.0 Photography