Passion-4-Punk Project Update, 28th October 2015


Wow… just wow!!!  What started as an idea for a small project to raise funds for mental health/suicide charities just keeps getting bigger and bigger – and it’s all thanks to you guys  out there.

There have been lots of exciting developments, many that I can’t really speak about at the moment, but please stay tuned for further announcements.

Perhaps the biggest highlight so far has been the fundraiser show on the 16th of October at Woody’s Attic Dive Bar, put on by Knoodle Promotions and Punk-A-Billy Touring to help raise funds to meet some of the initial publishing costs of the book.

This whole show was the brainchild of Emily Radcore and Kacey Da-Re. Kacey and Mik Da-Re organised the venue, promotion and bands. Mik and Kacey are always doing amazing stuff for Melbourne’s punk scene and I cannot think of two finer people to call my friends.

The guys at Woody’s Attic Dive were fantastic and I’d recommend them as a venue any day of the week.

Michael Reynolds donated an amazing raffle prize, as did a shitload of bands – thank you all.

Matt Yates and Andrew Porter put on the sound for nix – thank you to both.

To The Krunchy Om-Let Experience, Udder Ubductees, Ferocious Chode, The Suicide Tuesdays, The Outfit, Jay Wars & The Howard Youth, Dixon Cider, K Mart Warriors and Shadow League – you are all Rock n Roll to me!!! Thank you for giving of your time and putting on such a fun show.

To all my mates that came along, both the punks that come out week after week and to my non punk friends who stepped outside of their comfort zones (and had a great time), thank you too for your support.

Lastly a huge thank you to my beautiful wife Kate Gleeson. I couldn’t get out to gigs without her support. She’s just amazeballs!

On the night we raised a little over $1,000 and since that time through the generosity of many we have raised a further $820, taking the publishing fund to $1,823!!!

If you still want to make a donation, you can contribute via my PayPal account: to

When I first came up with the book project I was going to do a very small print run, recouping the costs out of sales, and donating the mark up to the charities. The generosity of all of you very, very amazing people means that I can now do a much larger print run, reducing the publishing costs and the entire retail price can now be donated to the charities!!!

The other thing that has really struck me in the last few weeks, is how many people I’ve met who have had very personal experiences of suicide.  Since starting this project I’ve had many people speak to me about their experiences of losing someone they cared for, or indeed some of their own struggles with thoughts about suicide.  With so many people affected by this, I guess I should not be surprised that so many people have come out in support of this project.

I am now refocussing on completing the book.  While I initially announced that I would release the book in February, this may now get pushed back to March, to fit with possible plans for a launch party – stay tuned for that one!!!

I’m hoping to make the first round of photos to my editorial group in the next few weeks.  This will be followed by a month or so of writing and research.  After that I’ll be contacting people for consent to use images.  In amongst that I‘ll be continuing to collect images for the book right up to early December.

Thanks again for all of your support and stay tuned for further updates!!!