Strawberry Fist Cake, Wild In The West Tour, Bar 459, Perth, 1st May 2016

The final show of Strawberry Fist Cake’s Wild In The West Tour was an arvo show at Bar 459 in Perth.  It was a cracker of a show, with some of Perth’s finest playing.  Also in attendance was Kim Anderson, talented Perth based music photographer behind Shoot The Wicked Witch.

Alongside Strawberry Fist Cake were Silver Foxes, Hope Street, The Bob Gordons, and Blazin’ Entrails.  A rad way to end the tour!

Strawberry Fist Cake

SFC opened with a cover of Kenny Loggin’s Danger Zone (sorry you weren’t their Chandler) and finished with the Fist Cake’s usually chaotic rendition of their rad song Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Somewhere in the middle Krunchy destroyed her stockings, Om-j finally stretched his ‘sex jeans’ too far and Crazy’s pretty pink shirt may have reached new heights of sweatiness. Meanwhile Kenny quietly recovered from suspender twanging bruises to the nipples while punching out the bass lines.

Silver Foxes

First band on the bill were the Silver Foxes who kicked things off in all the right ways!

Hope Street

Perth’s Hope street were awesome fun to watch and hear.  Check out their music video if you don’t believe me!

The Bob Gordons

And the fun just kept on rolling with the Bob’ Gordons!!!

Blazin’ Entrails

Finishing off the afternoon, rock/punkabilly three piece Blazin’ Entrails dragged me kicking and screaming to the end of the Wild In The West Tour.