Passion 4 Punk short video, by Jenny Ross, Ten Speed Films

I got a very pleasant surprise on Friday night, when I received a message from Jenny Ross of Ten Speed Films.  I had sat an interview with Jenny several weeks prior for her latest project, Hardcore History – The Untold Story Of Australian Punk which was a pretty cool experience in itself.

Jenny messaged me with a link to some of the footage she had captured which she has quite generously edited into a short (just over 2 minute video) of me talking about Sub v2.0 Photography and the Passion 4 Punk book.  It’s a great video that succinctly summarises my thoughts on shooting live punk music and the origins of the Passion 4 Punk book.  The video also contains some of my stills of members of Strawberry Fist Cake, the Udder Ubductees, Dik Idea, Plural, Devil Monkey, Paul Conroy, Liquor Snatch, Ferocious Chode, Bombs Are Falling, Stoned To Death, Beyond Contempt and Joe Guiton and the Suicide Tuesdays.

I am very grateful to Jenny for this unsolicited work, that shines a little light on the Passion 4 Punk project.

For a high quality version of the video, you can also check it out on Vimeo.

To follow Jenny’s work on the documentary film Hardcore History – The Untold Story Of Australian Punk, you can follow along on Facebook

You can purchase a copy of the Passion 4 Punk book online at Blurb