Terms of use

Terms of Use

So as you might have worked out by now, I photograph lots of bands.  This page sets out terms of use for the photographs and video that I capture.  If you have any queries please feel free to contact me.

Live Music

I photograph lots of live music.  I do this at no cost.  Sub v2.0 Photography retains copyright to all images/video that I capture at events, however performers are free to use the photographs for their own purposes with the following conditions:

  • Please do not edit the photos. This includes removal of watermarks, cropping photos or otherwise modifying the photographs.
  • I will happily provide high resolution digital copies of photographs, without watermarks to bands upon request, on a pay what you feel basis. This means you pay as little or as much as you think the photographs are worth (or are able to pay).  These contributions enable me to keep my equipment and website up to date, and better show off the great bands I photograph.  You can use the contact page to request digital copies.
  • If you do use photographs supplied without the Sub v2.0 watermark, wherever possible please credit Sub v2.0 Photography as the photographer.
  • If you require exclusive rights to images captured by Sub v2.0 Photography then a fee for service will apply as negotiated between Sub v2.0 Photography and yourself.
  • Sub v2.0 Photography will not display photographs or video of you anywhere other than the Sub v2.0 Photography website and associated social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) without prior consent from yourself.
  • Wherever possible, when publishing video, I acknowledge that I am transmitting not only images of you, but also your copyrighted music, therefore I will seek your written or verbal consent prior to publishing.
  • If you object to images/video of your self being displayed on the website and associated social media outlets, please notify me via the contacts page and I will remove the images and video as quickly as I am able.

Fee for service

Sub v2.0 Photography also undertakes commissioned photographic shoots.  If you are requiring band portraits or wish an event to be photographed and wish to retain exclusive rights to the images captured please contact me to discuss pricing.

*Header image: Box Ed and Noah, The Outfit 2014