Passion 4 Punk Book Project

The Passion-4-Punk Book project came about in August 2015 after I lost an old friend to suicide.  After finding out that he had died, I was left with not only feelings of deep sadness, but also a sense of helplessness.

Looking for ways to respond to my friend’s death, I decided to put together a book of images, selected from the literally tens of thousands of photographs of live Melbourne punk music that I have captured in the last few years, and to sell the resulting book as a way of raising funds for the services that work towards preventing suicide.

What I thought was going to be a small, individual gesture, in defiance of the needless loss of lives in our community, has quickly grown into a group response, with support coming from both within and from outside of, Melbourne’s punk community.  People have put on shows, donated merch, donated their time, promoted the book on social media, consented to their images being used in the book and generally just been amazing, in order to make this book a reality.  I am truly surrounded by great people!

Passion-4-Punk: Melbourne Punk Music 2013-2015 will be available for sale from mid April 2016.